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The Around the Bend Players move to the Board Room

Toledo City Paper
Nov. 1998
by Alyce Lutomski





The art of improv - improvisational theater - is alive and kickin' in downtown Toledo, thanks to the Around the Bend Players, appearing Fridays at 8:00 p.m. at Ansara's Board Room, 233 N. Huron Street through November 27.

This isn't stand-up comedy. Stand-up is a walk in the park compared to improv. It works like this: the audience provides suggestions and ideas to fuel a variety of short scenes or "games". I counted more than 30 riotous sketches in the two-hour show. The players take the ideas and figure out - on the spot - how to fit them into the scene's framework.

It's a fascinating process. There's no script, no way for the actor to prepare. It takes teamwork, lightening reflexes, and supersonic thinking. Director Tom Hofbauer leads a band of players so skillfull and adept (and hilarious) that you have to believe psychic powers are one of their many talents.

You've got to see this! It's never the same, not with the ideas coming right from that night's audience. You'll never know what to expect. It's something for everyone!

With dinner - a choice of five excellent entrees - the cost is $16.95. Show tickets are $10.00. Reservations are recommended. 419/255-5060.