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Mark Zink


MARK EDWARD ZINK is filmmaker and former stand-up comedian. He spent five years working comedy club stages before moving to Los Angeles to pursue his film career. While on the West Coast, Mark and his partner, Tom Hofbauer, wrote three feature length screenplays and numerous sit com scripts.

Mark has directed a number of award-winning, animated short films and has directed a live, traveling road show which plays in hospitals, nursing homes and selected charity organizations. Mark was also a member of The Improvables and a member of the traveling improv troupe, Those Guys From Toledo.

He worked as a writer / director with Tom Hofbauer and Thick Slice Entertainment on a sketch comedy program titled "Around the Bend" and in 2002, wrote, produced and directed his own independent feature film, Backwater.

Mark is a brilliant comedian and has developed such memorable characters as Samuel Lapp, the Amish protest song singer, Dr. Oral Pick, DDS, and Ghandi singing the greatest country eastern hits. Check out the CLIPS link for video of Mark on the ATBP stage.