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John Jennens


JOHN JENNENS was raised by sober Quakers and learned early on that comedy was not to be taken lightly. Diagnosed at age 10 as being "Silence Intolerant", his parents were forced to quit punishing him for reading aloud. Home schooling proved to be beneficial to John as he graduated as both Valedictorian and Class Clown. Unfortunately, he didn't adapt well going off to college in the real world - he dropped out after a year and a half to build grain bins for the Amish.

In defiance of his parents' wishes that he follow in their footsteps and become an accountant, he now earns a living by reading aloud in commercials and voice overs. Finally, after years of therapy, John has been able to throw off the shackles of his pious upbringing. However, the shackles he's wearing now are real and he must be returned to the institution at the end of every performance. Let's pray that his medication doesn't wear off before then.